38 things you need to do to sell your home fast

Like all good things, a delicate balance of time, money, and effort has to be invested in selling your home to get the result you desire. However, one thing is for sure in today’s market – time is money, and the faster you can sell your home, the better since you’ll incur less holding costs, less depreciation and damage risks, and you get to take advantage of better deals before rates go up.

It’s difficult to distill all the things that needs to be done in order to make a good and fast sale in a few simple tips. However, what a homeowner has to do is to cover these 3 basic rules to which everything else follows.
Sell it at the right price – what you want is a number that nets you the most money, but won’t drive away buyers at the same time. One significant thing that can affect improve this number would be to increase your home’s curb appeal.
Sell it at the right time – pick the right quarter to sell, each has its own pros and cons:
Spring – Buyers are fueled with new cash, but face holiday bills. Some might find weather to be an issue.
Summer – Peak buying season according to stats, but also means there’s a lot of competition.
Fall – Prices drop after the summer rush, but there’s fewer competitors.
Winter – Buyers have money from bonuses and tax deductions, but can be a slow time to close a deal.
Get the right person to sell it for you – perhaps the most critical rule of all: get a specialist to do the job! Property selling is a complicated game, and chances are, a real estate agent will do a better job than you. However, the trick here is to get a reputable agent who can do the job for you at a price you will be happy with.  6 Criteria for finding the right agent - Experience in selling  your type of property - Regulated member of an ethics board - Aggressive and hungry to get your home sold - Good recommendations or reviews - Fees and costs - Ability to gain visibility for your property.

The Successful Seller's Mindset - Be Objective.  Look at your home from a buyer's point of view.  Balance the 3 big goals:  net the most money when you sell - Sell in the shortest timeframe possible - Sell with the least risk of inconvenience.

Preparing Your Home to Sell - Pick the Right Improvements.  Clean & declutter - Create a clean slate - Stage It - Leave at least 30% of closet space free - Fix the root problem of pet odors and leaks - Invest in Smart Home Technology - 34% of buyers avoid homes needing renovations - 84% of buyers say heating and cooling costs are important features - Attic Insulation provides a 116.9% ROI.
To find out what makes a good real estate agent, as well as other in-depth tips on how to sell your home as soon as possible, check out the infographic by Offer Climb Houston and Offer Climb Phoenix called “How To Sell Your Home Fast”.